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White Paper

Become a Better Marketer with Qualitative Healthcare Market Research

Learn more about how to use quantitative and qualitative data to inform your healthcare marketing strategy in this timely and relevant white paper.
1 min read


The Roles of Empathy and Patient-Centricity in Healthcare Marketing Today

Empathy and patient-centricity are more than buzz words. We can help you incorporate them into healthcare marketing in a more meaningful way.
3 min read


Patient-Centricity & Retention: Qualitative Healthcare Insights Can Impact Both

Qualitative insights are uniquely positioned to capture the opinions and voices of your customers, the patients. Ultimately, real success lies in using and layering both quantitative and qualitative research—together.
6 min read


“Quant” vs. “Qual”: How to Achieve Balanced Healthcare Marketing Insights

Understanding the differences between quantitative and qualitative research and data allows for a marriage of insights that optimizes healthcare marketing strategies and investments and is most beneficial to stakeholders involved: marketers, providers, and patients.
1 min read