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Using Real-World Qualitative Evidence to Illuminate the Patient Voice

Posted in Insights | 1 min read

Qualitative research and ethnography are new tools every healthcare marketer needs to embrace if they want to improve patient experience and beat their competition.

Over the past decade, a shift towards patient-centricity—the notion of leveraging the patient as the expert in his or her own health and placing the patient’s point of view at the center of innovation and care delivery—has been a major trend in the design and delivery of healthcare services and products. For patients, this means better individual and clinical outcomes and improved patient experiences. It is interesting to note that, while healthcare providers have been focusing on patient-centered initiatives and innovations for many years, pharmaceutical companies are now beginning to see the benefits that can be gained from the rich source of knowledge that is the patient’s voice.

Hearing and understanding the patient voice allows companies to develop more effective products and to illuminate the value of those products more purposefully to patients, clinicians, family members, payers, and regulatory agencies such as the FDA during the drug development process.