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Maximize impact and engagement


What methods do you use to ensure your content is relevant to the audience you’re targeting?


How are you connecting with your patients in a meaningful way?


Do your patients know why they should connect with you? How do you know?

Grounded in Patient and Stakeholder Understanding

Thinking like the customer is no longer enough—knowing and understanding the customer will help you obtain far better results from your marketing investment.

LIFT is capable of supporting marketing, patient education, engagement and support programs across the entire healthcare vertical and is particularly attuned to the unique needs of hospitals, health systems, life science, and pharma brands.

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Organic Search Engine Optimization

We develop and execute strategies to improve your search engine discoverability so you never miss an opportunity to get in front of potential customers.

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Traditional, Digital & Direct Marketing Integration

We seamlessly integrate traditional/direct marketing into your digital program (and vice versa) to maximize the effectiveness of your omnichannel efforts.

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Content Marketing

We create custom, insights-driven, and inclusive healthcare content marketing programs that resonate with diverse stakeholders and are mapped to your strategic goals.

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Paid Search Marketing & Management

We work specifically with you and your team to design and manage paid search campaigns that deliver relevant, high quality traffic to your site efficiently and effectively.

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Email Marketing

We leverage highly advanced and trustworthy email marketing techniques and strategies to deliver relevant content to the right audience at the right time.

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Multimedia Display Advertising

Boost digital marketing performance and value by incorporating multimedia creative (audio, video, interactive visual aids, etc.) into your digital advertising and re-marketing.

Purposeful & Impactful Content

When done well, healthcare content (and related marketing programming) will always champion the patient or stakeholder journey. Well-crafted marketing and education programs seek to curate content that is relevant, engaging, and, most importantly, accountable—accountable to the investment you make as a marketer as well as the time the consumer spends interacting with your brand.

Case Studies

Primary Care



Understanding the needs and motivations of primary care consumers across a broad swath of Appalachian America.

Women's Health



Understand both the internal and external perception of the women’s health experience in the community that the client serves.

Emergency Department



Envision an innovative way to engage with, educate, and empower consumers when making decisions around urgent/emergency care.

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