with a Mission

Our mission is YOUR MISSION:

To UNDERSTAND the community you serve through a lens of human understanding, anthropology, inclusivity, and diversity.
To THINK about and maximize the impact your strategy can have on business goals as well as consumer competency, well- being, and community health.
To IMPACT positive financial, clinical, and strategic outcomes while educating and nurturing a more competent and loyal consumer community.
Our mission
is to help you achieve your business, clinical, and financial goals through the lens of diversity, inclusion, and consumer understanding.

Grounded in Patient and Stakeholder Understanding

Thinking like the customer is no longer enough—knowing and understanding the customer will help you obtain far better results from your marketing investment.

Best practices (NOW A GIFT FOR YOU)

What Makes Us Stand Out

LIFT is capable of supporting marketing, patient education, engagement and support programs across the entire healthcare vertical and is particularly attuned to the unique needs of hospitals, health systems, life science, and pharma brands.


The only way to connect with and move patient and related stakeholder behavior is to communicate in a language and voice that is relevant to them. If the message is irrelevant, it is useless. If the message is in a language or voice that champions stakeholder understanding, it is invaluable.



Without an unlimited budget, accuracy is a cornerstone of strategy and marketing investment. Understanding the patient journey and accurately engaging the patient in the right channel and at the appropriate point in their journey is table stakes for modern-day marketers.

Invest in ACCURACY.


Often times, consumers don’t know what they need—this is especially true in healthcare. So, getting your message in front of consumers is a crucial priority—for them and for your brand. Meeting them when and where they need you is marketing magic.


Healthcare advertisers pay an average cost per click of $3.17 and the overall average cost for a healthcare lead is $162.

Let us help you ensure that you’re making the smartest healthcare marketing investments with strategies and programs that are relevant, engaging, and accountable.

60% of healthcare marketers claim scaling marketing best practices across the business is their top challenge.

Let our team of experts help you craft impactful healthcare marketing programs that are aligned with your strategic objectives.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

We develop and execute strategies to improve your search engine discoverability so you never miss an opportunity to get in front of potential customers.

Traditional, Digital & Direct Marketing Integration

We seamlessly integrate traditional/direct marketing into your digital program (and vice versa) to maximize the effectiveness of your omnichannel efforts.

Content Marketing

We create custom, insights-driven, and inclusive healthcare content marketing programs that resonate with diverse stakeholders and are mapped to your strategic goals.

Paid Search Marketing & Management

We work specifically with you and your team to design and manage paid search campaigns that deliver relevant, high quality traffic to your site efficiently and effectively.

Email Marketing

We leverage highly advanced and trustworthy email marketing techniques and strategies to deliver relevant content to the right audience at the right time.

Multimedia Display Advertising

Boost digital marketing performance and value by incorporating multimedia creative (audio, video, interactive visual aids, etc.) into your digital advertising and re-marketing.