Insights & Research
with a Mission

Our mission is YOUR MISSION:

To UNDERSTAND the community you serve through a lens of human understanding, anthropology, inclusivity, and diversity.
To THINK about and maximize the impact your strategy can have on business goals as well as consumer competency, well- being, and community health.
To IMPACT positive financial, clinical, and strategic outcomes while educating and nurturing a more competent and loyal consumer community.
message imageOur mission
is to help you achieve your business, clinical, and financial goals through the lens of diversity, inclusion, and consumer understanding.

Community & Human Focused

It is impossible to effectively market to a diverse community without including them in the conversation. LIFT offers an affordable and impressive market and marketing research solution to our clients who seek to better understand the needs, motivations, and perceptions of their stakeholders before they engage them.


Learn more about MarketVoice and LIFT's mission to include diversity and important stakeholder perspective in healthcare marketing.

Case Stories

Learn about how four healthcare brands have partnered with LIFT to explore and understand unique strategic areas of market and/or marketing focus using mixed-methods human-centered research.

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Research Focus:

Women’s Health Service Lines

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Research Focus:

Competitive Market Dynamics

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Research Focus:

Behavioral Health & Familial Drug Addiction

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Research Focus:

Pediatric Urgent Care

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LIFT brings the voice of your patients and community to life with our fresh and compelling market research solution.

Our approach to consumer understanding will forever change the way you think about marketing and market research.

Our focus
for you

Stakeholders respond more positively to brands that reflect their voice, values, and sensibilities. We believe that a human-centered approach to marketing and patient education gives way to empowering ideas that facilitate patient focused messages, programs, and experiences that are purposeful and authentic.


Authenticity is the DNA of consumer sentiment—and understanding patients and other stakeholders should be the first priority for any healthcare brand.

LIFT will demystify patient and stakeholder realities and provide a firm foundation upon which you can build marketing, education, and patient support programs.


Leveraging insights to inform messaging for use in marketing, education, engagement, and support programing is the very reason we do what we do.

LIFT builds and deploys marketing and consumer engagement programs that fuel competency & loyalty—thereby resulting in outstanding strategic results, clinically or financially.


With resources more constrained than ever, we understand the importance of maximizing return on your market and marketing research investments.

LIFT insights help you rest assured that your healthcare marketing programming is optimized to reach the right people, with the right messages, at the right time.