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Winning with Patients


Mixed Methods Research: A Better Path For Marketing Insights

An insights-first approach to healthcare marketing will set marketers up for success in developing strategies, content, and campaigns that are relevant and…
15 minute read


Elevate Your Healthcare Marketing & Content with Mixed Methods Research

Mixed-methods research can be a boon for helping healthcare marketers truly understand a person’s behavior and then crafting health content and marketing stories with the right patient populations. Learn how.
4 minute read


3 Components of a Mission-Driven Hospital Marketing Mindset

Are your objectives aligned with the priority of improving the health and well-being of the community? Or, are you just driving the best patients to the right service lines with little understanding of the human condition at ground level? Consider the following.
5 minute read


Is Your Healthcare Marketing Agency Aligned With Your Mission?

Hospitals and health systems across America are facing (or will soon face) an important moment in how they approach healthcare marketing. The driving force behind this moment is the need—or better stated, the imperative—to understand and empower the diverse people and communities we are charged with caring for while not losing sight of the imperative to drive positive business outcomes for the brand.
3 minute read


Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Opioid Abuse in the Context of Public Health

LIFT Healthcare tells the story of two women in Johnson City, TN who have been affected by the opioid…
9 minute read


Using Stories to Achieve Patient-Centered Service Line Marketing

When you take the time to listen to your patients, great things can be accomplished. See how LIFT brought one patient's story to LIFE to create truly human-centered healthcare marketing.
2 minute read

White Paper

Using Real-World Qualitative Evidence to Illuminate the Patient Voice

In this informative white paper, learn how we use ethnography and the protocols of design thinking to document the unique perspectives of patients, caregivers, and clinicians, and to help our partners gain a deeper understanding of important patient-focused realities.
1 minute read


How Community-Based Marketing Aligns Healthcare Messaging with Patient Experience

The most important social network for your hospital isn’t online. It’s in your community. Learn how you can tap into often overlooked insights by adding qualitative research methods to your market research toolkit.
2 minute read