With a Mission


3 Components of a Mission-Driven Hospital Marketing Mindset

Are your objectives aligned with the priority of improving the health and well-being of the community? Or, are you just driving the best patients to the right service lines with little understanding of the human condition at ground level? Consider the following.
5 min read


Using Stories to Achieve Patient-Centered Service Line Marketing

When you take the time to listen to your patients, great things can be accomplished. See how LIFT brought one patient's story to LIFE to create truly human-centered healthcare marketing.
2 min read


How Human-Centered Decision Support Strategies Can Impact the Patient Journey

How can we better understand and embrace the patient care journey to ensure that patients remain empowered in the independent management of their health while also ensuring that they are making the right choices with regard to their overall well-being?
5 min read


Capturing Human Stories to Champion a Children’s Hospital’s Mission of Hope

LIFT collaborated with Ballad Health to tell the stories of three children and their healthcare journey at Niswonger Children’s Hospital in Johnson City, TN.
16 min read


Healthcare Marketing Firm vs. Ad Agency: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to patient-centric marketing, not all agencies are created equal. Learn why a healthcare marketing agency is the best choice.
4 min read


The Roles of Empathy and Patient-Centricity in Healthcare Marketing Today

Empathy and patient-centricity are more than buzz words. We can help you incorporate them into healthcare marketing in a more meaningful way.
3 min read


Leveraging the Power of Human Understanding in Pharma

Learn how grounding your strategy behavioral and empathetic approaches to design can enable deeper patient understanding and illuminate new opportunities to engage patients.
60 min read


Patient-Centricity & Retention: Qualitative Healthcare Insights Can Impact Both

Qualitative insights are uniquely positioned to capture the opinions and voices of your customers, the patients. Ultimately, real success lies in using and layering both quantitative and qualitative research—together.
6 min read