Healthcare Marketing
with a Mission

Our mission is YOUR MISSION:

To UNDERSTAND the community you serve through a lens of human understanding, anthropology, inclusivity, and diversity.
To THINK about and maximize the impact your strategy can have on business goals as well as consumer competency, well- being, and community health.
To IMPACT positive financial, clinical, and strategic outcomes while educating and nurturing a more competent and loyal consumer community.
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is to help you achieve your business, clinical, and financial goals through the lens of diversity, inclusion, and consumer understanding.

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LIFT is a marketing agency devoted to healthcare and the human condition.
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LIFT sells research, insights, strategy, content and marketing services to healthcare organizations.
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LIFT fuels revenue growth, patient loyalty, consumer competency, and better outcomes for healthcare brands.
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Case Stories

Elevating brand & service line marketing with empathy and design

Elevating brand & service line marketing with empathy and design

This Case Story showcases how LIFT leveraged community voices illuminated by insights and the championing of design thinking to craft marketing and content for Beebe Healthcare across virtually every channel imaginable—from a custom magazine to a robust multi-channel marketing program.

Fueling commercial strategy & a new standard of care with ethnography

Fueling commercial strategy & a new standard of care with ethnography

LIFT joined the Velano Vascular commercialization team to lead their branding and marketing strategy from pilot to FDA approval. This Case Story will highlight the comprehensive ecosystem of branding and commercial support LIFT provided—resulting in a highly successful market entry and exit.

Redesigning ED/urgent care service line marketing & education

Redesigning ED/urgent care service line marketing & education

In this Case Story, learn how LIFT helped LifePoint Health envision an innovative way to engage with, educate, and empower consumers when making important decisions around urgent/emergency care. Leveraging design thinking, LifePoint collaborated with LIFT to craft marketing and content prototypes that fuel consumer competency and service line growth.

Illuminating Paths and Tools for Improved Clinical Trial Recruitment

Illuminating Paths and Tools for Improved Clinical Trial Recruitment

LIFT was hired as part of a PCORI-funded effort to explore and prototype solutions for clinical trial recruitment challenges. In this Case Story, we'll share how we collaborated with patients, industry, and academic medical centers to understand and tackle these challenges with design thinking and mixed-methods research.

Understanding the Burden of Disease via Mixed-Methods Research

Understanding the Burden of Disease via Mixed-Methods Research

LIFT partnered with a leading pharmaceutical company and patient advocacy organization to conduct a mixed-methods study exploring the burden of disease for adults living with RA. In this Case Story, learn how mixed-methods research has given way to a deeper understanding of the patient experience for the benefit of pharma, advocacy, and patients alike.

Co-Creating & Designing a Human-Centered Patient Advocacy Brand

Co-Creating & Designing a Human-Centered Patient Advocacy Brand

LIFT partnered with The National Databank for Rheumatic Diseases to capture insights and craft a human-centered brand (FORWARD) and impactful patient/site engagement framework.In this Case Story, learn how insights provided the foundation for a new advocacy brand and a long-term stakeholder marketing communications strategy.

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What we value and What you need

Consumer Needs & Expectations

Internal Stakeholder Perception & Sentiment

Community Perception & Sentiment

Readmission Avoidance

Service Line Growth

Patient & Caregiver Perception & Sentiment

Patient Acquisition/Retention

Brand & Market Position

Internal Stakeholder Communications & Support

Patient & Caregiver Satisfaction

Patient & Stakeholder Education

Consumer & Stakeholder Competency

Cultural Alignment

Digital Marketing

Content Strategy and Creation

Brand & Provider Awareness

Community Health & Well-being

Branding and Advertising

Community Outreach, Education & Support

Patient Loyalty

Clinical and Non-Clinical

Insights & Understanding
For Human-Focused Healthcare Brands

We use a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods to understand the needs and motivations of targeted stakeholders. Our insights work fuels desired strategic outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem and supports the development of impactful marketing and communications programming.

Marketing & Advertising
for human-focused Healthcare Brands

LIFT provides healthcare brands with an empathic, hyper-targeted, creative, and strategically balanced mix of paid, print, direct, and email content marketing and advertising services. Our work is custom crafted to support your multi-channel strategy — leveraging digital, direct, and traditional media all optimized for search and discoverability.

Content & Patient Empowerment
for human-focused Healthcare Brands

LIFT offers a full suite of custom, insights-driven, and inclusive marketing content and consumer education programming for diverse communities all crafted by a team of healthcare content marketers and strategists who helped coin the term custom media. Cultural relevance is a cornerstone of the LIFT value proposition—and our approach is optimized to champion the voice of your community, guaranteed.

Authentic Messaging

The only way to connect with and move patient and related stakeholder behavior is to communicate in a language and voice that is relevant to them. If the message is irrelevant, it is useless. If the message is in a language or voice that champions stakeholder understanding, it is invaluable.



Accurate Targeting

Without an unlimited budget, accuracy is a cornerstone of strategy and marketing investment. Understanding the patient journey and accurately engaging the patient in the right channel and at the appropriate point in their journey is table stakes for modern-day marketers.


Invest in ACCURACY.

Perfect Timing

Often times, consumers don’t know what they need—this is especially true in healthcare. So, getting your message in front of consumers is a crucial priority—for them and for your brand. Meeting them when and where they need you is marketing magic.



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"We were eager to leverage a more innovative approach to marketing and external affairs and I needed a solid and responsible partner. LIFT brings tremendous value—their use of anthropology and design thinking changed the way we approach patient and consumer engagement across our system."

Alex Sydnor, Fmr. Chief Strategy Officer, Beebe Healthcare

"The growing interest in patient voice and real-world evidence that comes from anthropology and human understanding is foundational to the work we do … not only in the drug development phase but also in the post-marketing safety spaces. LIFT offers an amazing set of tools and capabilities that truly illuminates the core of patient voice and experience."

Andres Gomez, VP and Head of Epidemiology, Bristol Myers Squibb

"LIFT’s ethnography driven approach to brand discovery and development has completely re-energized our organization. By becoming immersed in our culture and synthesizing our mission through the lens of design, we were able to co-create a new brand that champions not only who we are, but also the future we aspire to."

Kaleb Michaud, Co-Director, FORWARD—The National Databank for Rheumatic Diseases

“Working with LIFT has been a fantastic experience. Their design thinking workshops have brought together the many stakeholders we work with in an environment that has helped us to better understand everyone’s experience and together build important tools for enrolling patients in research studies.”

Emily von Scheven, MD, MAS, Chief, Division of Pediatric Rheumatology, UCSF

“Honing a long-term content strategy accountable to measurable results is the only way to ensure both that your voice stands out and that you’re getting the most out of your marketing investment. We chose LIFT to be our content partner because they consistently deliver, with strategically sound and elegantly designed content that resonates with our consumers and inspires action.”

Chris Efaw, VP of Outreach and Development, Tift Regional Medical Center

“LIFT’s human-centered approach really aligns with our mission and vision. The partnership that evolved from our shared world view made a significant impact on the way we tell our story.”

Eric M. Stone, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Velano Vascular

“That voice of the customer was very on point and well illustrated the (urgent care service line) business model and what we needed to do to be successful and that service line. We used it to share voice of the customer with the leadership. It helped us to really make things resonate with the managers of (the service line).”

Marcia Diaz deVillegas, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

“Marketing with a mission means first understanding the lived experiences of our diverse communities, and then incorporating that understanding into the marketing and patient education programs we invest in. LIFT has helped us take an empathy-first approach to marketing our brands to the communities we serve. Their fresh approach helps me invest our marketing dollars with purpose—for business, clinical, and social impact. We love them.”

Christina Deidesheimer, Chief Communications Officer, Beebe Healthcare

“An understood and educated healthcare consumer is a competent healthcare consumer. This is why we partnered with LIFT—not only have they helped us impact important service line metrics, they are helping us redefine what it means to market to our amazing and diverse community.”

Robert Chavez, University of Miami Health


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