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On Demand Webinar: Leverage the Power of Human Understanding in Pharma

Posted in Insights | 60 min read

The near-term future will be one that is defined by unprecedented patient need.

Patient demand has shifted and COVID has had an impact across several dimensions. Maintaining patient access to care and adherence to treatments require a step improvement in how we deliver for patients. Becoming a true partner to patients, as things shift, will require far more than just listening. True support and experience will only be delivered by an ethnographicbehavioral and design-led approach to achieve true understanding. Fresh challenges mean capturing multiple dimensions of emotional and physical needs. Only then can we innovate to deliver better solutions.

In this free on-demand webinar will reveal:

  • The results of recent ethnographic and behavioral studies, which reveal new attitudes to health since the pandemic
  • A grounding in behavioral and empathetic approaches to design
  • New tools and frameworks that enable a deeper approach to patient understanding
  • New opportunities for your company to deliver for patients