A better way to invest
in research & insights

MarketVoice is a new and innovative approach to market research that draws on quantitative and qualitative approaches to market and stakeholder understanding.

“Some organizations believe that numbers are a far more superior form of knowledge than stories. This is short sighted. All numbers still need interpretation and analysis. And if they want to be understood and actionable, they need stories.”

–Tricia Wang,

Case Stories

Learn about how four hospitals across the country have partnered with LIFT to explore and understand unique strategic areas of market and/or marketing focus using mixed-methods human-centered research.

Research Focus:

Women’s Health Service Lines

Research Focus:

Competitive Market Dynamics

Research Focus:

Behavioral Health & Familial Drug Addiction

Research Focus:

Pediatric Urgent Care

Your market
Is more than metrics

You wouldn’t treat your patients like numbers while they’re in the hospital—so don’t treat them like numbers in your market research. MarketVoice, a premium mixed-methods insights program from LIFT, can help you frame your marketing strategy with equal emphasis on human understanding and quantitative data points to provide critical insights behind the decisions patients make and help you optimize your market research investments.

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