with a Mission

Our mission is YOUR MISSION:

To UNDERSTAND the community you serve through a lens of human understanding, anthropology, inclusivity, and diversity.
To THINK about and maximize the impact your strategy can have on business goals as well as consumer competency, well- being, and community health.
To IMPACT positive financial, clinical, and strategic outcomes while educating and nurturing a more competent and loyal consumer community.
Our mission
is to help you achieve your business, clinical, and financial goals through the lens of diversity, inclusion, and consumer understanding.

Grounded in Relevance

Cultural relevance is a cornerstone of the LIFT value proposition—LIFT creates fully-custom, insights-driven,  and inclusive marketing content and consumer education programming tailored to the needs and sensibilities of your community and brand.  Delivered by America’s leading healthcare content professionals, our full-funnel, “hub and spokes” content programs are custom crafted to reflect your unique brand voice and optimized for your brand, your service lines, and your strategy.

Best practices (A few tips from lift)

77% of consumers use search engines to start their patient journey–with more than 70,000 searches performed every minute.

Let us help you meet healthcare consumers with strategically discoverable content that moves them, at the right time and place.

Only 28% of healthcare marketers say they have a clearly documented content marketing strategy.

Let us help you build a patient-centered content program strategically tailored to your organization’s and community’s needs.

Content Strategy

Our empathic approach to content strategy nurtures authentic opportunities to engage, educate, empower, and activate.

Direct-to-Consumer Content

“Tactile” custom content (magazines, mailers, etc.) distributed throughout your community to build awareness and affinity.

Website Content

Human-centered and inclusive digital content crafted to appeal to diverse audiences while driving SEO, conversions, and retention.

Email Content

Digital content tailored to speak to individual consumers and nurture them through the entire customer journey.

Blog Content

Purposeful and relevant digital content optimized to drive engagement, thought-leadership, and search engine discoverability.

Audio & Video Content

Dynamic and highly sharable content with a human voice that moves and engages consumers.