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Capturing Human Stories to Champion a Children’s Hospital’s Mission of Hope

Posted in Insights | 16 min read

LIFT collaborated with Ballad Health (then Mountain States Health Alliance) to tell the stories of three children and their healthcare journey at Niswonger Children’s Hospital in Johnson City, TN. This short documentary highlights Maddy, Trae and Devin as they experience the support of their family and the care team at Niswonger.

Appropriately titled “Hope Rising,” it showcases the unending hope that remains for these families, as well as their hospital and the community.

Deeper Dive: Trae’s Story

At only two weeks old, Trae was diagnosed with Trombocytopenia-Absent Radius Syndrome—a condition characterized by a low platelet count and upper limb differences. With the help of the care team at Niswonger Children’s Hospital in Johnson City, TN, Trae receives the care necessary to help him thrive.

Deeper Dive: Maddy’s Story

When Maddy was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis, a rare disorder that causes tumors to form anywhere in the nervous, they looked to Niswonger Children’s Hospital for help. A vibrant young girl, Maddy navigates the challenges of this disorder with the help of her amazing family, doctors and care team.